Afin Management

Afin stands for Finance excellence. Starting today. We solve your complex process performance questions; and simplify the complexity into practical and achievable actions. Our expertise in procurement to pay, order to cash and record to report processes reaches best industry practises in the international field. Interim management experience, or focussed support to achieve what is required. Operational excellence in finance. Finance Excellence.

Facts - Afin

  • Current issues, noise, observations
  • 360 -approach

Solutions- Afin

  • Transformation planning
  • Project management
  • Reorganizing
  • Empowering & Training
  • Care & Hypercare
  • KPI Calibration
  • Initiatives & Prioritarization

Partner in Excellence

  • Focus on Specific Themes of Excellence
  • Seminars & Speaker services
  • Personal Advise


Afin fact scan is analyzing the situation as it is. Based on facts.

The purpose is a 360-approach of the problem; addressing organisational, setup, design, interdepartmental, contractual, human or communication issues - anything of relevance.

We support the senior and middle management to an effective actionplanning; looking beyond the daily, zooming in and zooming out to a specific issue.

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Afin provides interim finance excellence management and project leadership services to address and manage a specific problem area. Assignments can be agreed for a variable period of time, depending on the definition and objectives.

Afin - Finance Excellence

One of the Main challenges for Finance functions today is to stay current; Sufficiently rigid and sufficiently agile.

Many companies struckle with the heritage of outsourcing challenges, and resulting process performance issues in finance. Afin has profound and deep understanding of solving and assisting management to solve these challenges pragmatically and effectively. Issue management and noise elimination is one of the cornerstones of finance excellence.

Finance Excellence is a state of organisations capability to have a systemized and standard finance backoffice operation, whilst at the same time being able to calibrate its processes with robotics and automation.

We believe in making things simple, taking facts as they are, re-directing management focus to a few key aspects, and helping operations to excel at grassroot level; We believe in positive affirmation, personal engagement and achieving true results for longer term. We also believe that you sometimes need to break the silos and follow through hard decisions to be able to regroup and become excellent.

Afin Management has a long experience in Finance and Logistics industy, working with various outsourcing setups, and transforming performance toward excellence. Afin is specialized in fixing the basics of processes, and making big process leaps in performance; with personal and present approach. We help big and mid sized organisations to true long term results.